The New Galactic Empire was established some time before 400 ABY. The New Galactic Empire started out as a alien only Empire. The reason behind this was that they hated Humans, so much they weren't allowed on their planets. But it is a new era, with a new leader but some factions are still wary which has damaged the New Galactic Empire's reputation. The New Galactic Empire is led by Nafarr Cellust.


The New Galactic Empire is in no way a Galactic Superpower, but it is a Regional Power. It is easily beaten by the Galactic Superpowers in term of raw power. The New Galactic Empire also lacks technology, previous leaders preferred the ancient technology their ancestors used. This has changed with the new leader and technology is beginning to advance.

The New Galactic Empire is considered by some a enemy to the Mandalorian Empire, due to previous disputes. The disputes even went as far as the leaders of each faction going to death matches, with Mandalorians being the victor everytime.

The New Galactic Empire also has a average economy, but mostly deals with low technology items and mystical items. This made the economy stagger sometimes but due to it's simplicity it always rises back up again. The New Galactic Empire has a smaller navy than most, and focuses on a land army.

The New Galactic Empire land forces are over 15 million, the 3rd smallest in the galaxy.


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