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Mandalorian EmpireEdit

The Mandalorian Empire is a dark, corrupted Empire set up of conquered worlds. In the Jedi's eyes, there isn't much hope left for them under Nuchiha Saiya Revan II's rule, but it is still possible. The Mandalorian Empire has been blamed causing the Jedi Order into a new purge and causing their hard times with their cruel ways.

New Galactic RepublicEdit

Currenlty led by an ex-Jedi and an honorable man, the New Galactic Republic has arisen old scars, and pushed the New Jedi Order nearly enough to secede from their alliance. The Senate was blinded by everything around them, and blamed the Jedi Order for many past things. Their ancient bond was not meant to be broken, so until further notice, the Jedi are still loyal the the Republic.

True Galactic EmpireEdit

The True Galactic Empire is nothing but a shadow of its former glory, but a huge threat to Galactic stability. Currently lead by an ignorant and paranoid Emperor, the True Empire believes they are the true remnant of the once Galactic Empire, but they are not the same. The Jedi do not trust the True Empire, and neither do they take kindly to them. The Empire is seen as just as much of a threat as the Sith, and they'll do whatever they can to take them down.

New Galactic EmpireEdit

The New Galactic Empire was once a peaceful faction, lead by a Gungan woman. Until recently, they had no quarrels with the New Empire, until it was taken by storm by another Gungan, Nafarr Cellust. Under his harsh rule, the Jedi believe the Empire is completely influenced by the Dark Side, and that their leader must be taken down along with his Assssin's Order. The Empire itself can be spared, but not the leaders.

Sith RemnantEdit

The Jedi have long believed the Sith Remnant were nothing but history, and no records show of any confrontation with any Sith for the last 52 years. The Jedi still harshly believe they are a threat to the Galaxy and full of nothing but evil monsters, and their past proves them correct.