The Sith Remnant was established some time after 551 ABY. The Sith Remnant's roots extend to before the Old Republic era. The Sith Remnant is thought to not exist, because it is hidden and secret. The Sith Remnant is kept hidden by the Mandalorian Empire. The Sith Remnant is led by Willice.



The Sith really don't have a army, other than 50 remaining masters.

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Point of ViewEdit

Mandalorian EmpireEdit

The Mandalorian Empire is viewed as a savior to the Sith Empire. The Mandalorian Empire has protected the Sith Remnant and guarded the knowledge that the Sith still even exist, almost no one knows. The Sith Remnant view the Mandalorian Empire as a wonderful and powerful ally, however they do not like waiting for resources and support from the Mandalorian Empire. So overall the sith enjoy the Mandalorian Empire but they are also annoyed by them.

New Galactic RepublicEdit

The Sith Remnant views the New Galactic Republic as a weak faction that should be eliminated soon. The New Galactic Republic is arrogant and are allied with enemies of the Sith Remnant, as of such the New Galactic Republic is also an enemy of the Sith.

True Galactic EmpireEdit

The True Galactic Empire is viewed as a ruthless evil opponent, just the kind of people the sith want to end up with, well, more so end up destroying. The Sith Remnant see the True Galactic Empire as a great opponent, the moment the True Galactic Empire is at its most powerful the sith will attack. The Sith Remnant see no pride in attacking the True Galactic Empire while they are weak, when the moment is right, the Sith Remnant will demolish the True Galactic Empire mpire, it is certain, but not without a glorious battle.

New Galactic EmpireEdit

Same as the True Galactic Empire, the Sith Remnant will not fight them untill they are at their most powerful, and with a gloriouse battle the Sith Remnant will reign victorious. The New Galactic Empire is the kind of faction the sith want to crush in their sleep.

New Jedi OrderEdit

The New Jedi Order, the story to be told here, the leader of the Sith Remnant was trained by Zandar who lead the New Jedi Order, the leader of the Sith remnant used to be a Jedi. But since then devoted his life to destroying the New Jedi Order because of their pacifist ways. The Sith Remnant view the New Jedi Order as evil people, they will be crushed. But the leader thinks otherwise, he think the Jedi are ruthless and must be stopped, and he will stop at nothing to obtain that goal.